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Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or item without stressing over the hidden fees? That’s what this shop is all about. 

Shopping directly supports locally-sourced talent and materials here in Northern Colorado.

I never cut corners or price to sacrifice quality. You deserve first-class products and customer service — nothing less.

About Me

I launched Amanda Doherty Designs in a humble little Etsy shop with less than ten listings back in 2019.

Equipped with a makerspace membership, the Google search bar, and a dream, I launched this business unaware that one year later I would be setting aside my 9-5 job to focus entirely on creating Colorado-inspired content and custom engraving services to some of the best customers in the world. 

That Etsy shop is still going strong today but I decided to give my favorite Colorado listings and Fort Collins engraving services a new home. I’m so glad you’re here!

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14er Wedding Decor

Colorado brides, listen up! We specialize in exclusive Colorado 14er designs to make your Colorado wedding truly special.

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    Meet my clients

    Air France

    To celebrate a new direct flight from Denver to Paris, Air France reached out to request 80 custom engraved mountains to gift to share holders and other key members who made this flight possible. I was SO excited to work with this client and hope to provide more personalized gifts and décor in the future. 

    B’s Brew

    What I would give to visit Freedom, WI one day to see this absolutely precious coffee shop! Bridget contacted me to request 15 of my custom flight boards complete with her own logo in the center of the boards. If you ever have the chance to work with Bridget, she is an absolute joy. 

    54 thirty

    54 Thirty Rooftop

    This was SUCH a fun project to complete. This beautiful rooftop venue is the highest place to enjoy a luxury cocktail in the Mile High City of Denver and they requested that I engrave mountains inscribed with a message that the table was being cleaned. Again, SO clever and such a welcome opportunity to travel down to Denver for an impromptu date.

    life in fort collins

    Enough about me,
    What can I make for you today?

    Cutting Boards & Charcuterie

    I’m going to be straight with you — my kitchen isn’t large enough to pack with unnecessary items and because I prefer open shelving, my kitchenware has to be not only practical — but gorgeous. 

    I don’t like cooking or baking enough to spend countless hours in the kitchen each day unless it looks truly inspiring. That’s why these custom engraved recipe cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and bread boards are my favorite listings. 

    Pick out your favorite for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, bridal shower — you name it, it’s the perfect gift. Then choose to engrave a copy of your favorite handwritten recipe, a custom logo, or even a hand drawn image from one of your kiddos. 

    Polymer Clay Jewelry

    Have you joined the latest craze of polymer clay earrings? Lightweight, unique, and hypoallergenic, they are as practical as they are beautiful. 

    In true Colorado fashion, I live an active lifestyle and would MUCH prefer to invest in new camping gear or activewear than expand my regular wardrobe. These earrings can take your minimal or capsule wardrobe and elevate every outfit into a fashion statement. Check out some of my most recent additions.

    On Sale Today

    I love to highlight my newest listings and seasonal items with a discount so you can take care of all of your shopping needs. Don’t see anything you fancy yet? Check back often as these items are rotated regularly.

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