Custom. Local. High Quality.

These are the cornerstones of this business and I cannot take credit for making these cornerstones possible without the help and support of my team. Some of these members are hired in an official capacity while others cheer from the sidelines. Either way, I want to give credit where credit is due. Read on to meet the team!

Meet the Team

Amanda Doherty, LLC in Fort Collins, CO

Amanda Doherty
Owner & Designer

Hey that’s me! After moving to Fort Collins to help partner with local ministries, it became apparent that it was time to put my writing and design background to the test. My vision for this business is to grow and be the go-to local shop for gifts, encouragement, and celebrations.

Fort Collins, CO

Matt Doherty
Hot Intern

I’d happily give my husband the title of co-owner but I’ve got to keep him humble. Matt has juggled countless roles related to making the daily tasks of running a small business possible and is well trained on the lasers to act as a backup in case I need to leave town or call-in a sick day. This business wouldn’t exist without him!

Don Wood

Don Wood
Expert Woodworker & Consultant

“How do I…” “Hypothetically speaking…” “Would it be possible to….” If there is a question in the world of woodworking, Don knows the answer. He’s the go-to around here for drawing up templates and creating prototypes. He is also responsible for just about everything I’ve learned in the world of woodworking!


Leeah Duff
Trend Specialist & Consultant

Any business owner that says she doesn’t constantly pester an outside source for feedback, support, and collaboration is lying. Leeah is always on the cutting edge of local trends and is quick to offer support is a major reason Amanda Doherty Designs, LLC has grown as quickly as it has.

Testimonials & Reviews

Not many can boast of over 700 sales with only 5-star reviews. With every order I prioritize transparency, open communication, under promising and over delivering. Part of the reason I love prioritizing custom orders is because I get to work so closely with the buyer to make the perfect gift for a very special recipient.

I understand there is a lot of trust given when a secret, handwritten recipe is sent to my inbox, so please know I take every precaution to honor that trust. Take a look at some of the sweetest reviews my customers have shared with me. 

While this website is very new, you can explore the full list of reviews on my Etsy site where it all started. 

Custom Engraved Handwriting

This year was about creating memories for special gifts and Amanda did not did disappoint. Amanda created a beautiful wood ornament from a hand written note that my Dad wrote to my Mom in 1979. My mom loved it and we have a special place on our tree! We miss him dearly. Thank you Amanda, you are awesome!

Evelyn Dlutz
Recipe Cutting Board 2

Amanda was wonderful! She promptly answered all my questions and concerns. She was very knowledgeable and helpful bringing my vision to life. She went above and beyond and had my order finished and shipped quickly. The results speak for themselves- a beautiful piece. It is something that will be passed down from generation to generation. I will order more from her in the future.

Chelsea Mundweiler
Laser Engraving Fort Collins

Love this ornament!! It looks so good hanging on our tree and makes me excited for hiking season again! Thank you Amanda for the great communication and amazing work😁

Sarah Weaver
Recipe Cutting Board

When our package seemed lost amid the pandemic and Christmas postal overflow of 2020, Amanda bent over backwards and went well out of her way to assist in tracking the shipment, locating it, and ensuring our satisfaction was met! I highly recommend relying on Amanda for all of your engraving gifts. Thank you Amanda for your diligence and care.

Adam McMahan
Sweater Polymer Clay Earrings

I cannot get over how cute these are! I love that they look just like a sweater! I cannot wait for my ears to be healed so I can wear these out 😊

Custom Engrave Recipe Cutting Board

I was left speechless when I opened this when it arrived. Words cannot express how amazing the craftsmanship of this board is. It gave me goosebumps. This was originally purchased as a gift for my father for Christmas but I may just be getting myself one after the new year. Not only was the product amazing but Amanda was a delight to work with! Definitely worth the investment!!