3 Unexpected Benefits of Living in the City of Fort Collins

Rock Climbing Fort Collins, CO

Located an hour north of Denver, CO and an hour south of Cheyenne, WY, the city of Fort Collins is a hidden gem I’ve been blessed to call my home for the past three years. While it often gets a bad rap for its skyrocketing real estate prices, there are several reasons why my family has decided to tighten the budget and stay. Continue reading to learn why locals love to call this city home. 

3 Things I Love About the City of Fort Collins

It’s Local Centric

Longs Peak Necklace 4 edited
Longs Peak Necklace

While I love seeing review photos of my earrings worn on the streets of Italy, what really gets me excited is ssing a woman wearing my Longs Peak necklace walking through Old Town. This culture is what drives me to work harder and network with other small business owners who have made a significant impact in this small community. 

Colorado is, at its heart, a local-centric community. The idea of buying local, supporting local, and investing local is second  nature in this city. That’s why, in many ways, Fort Collins is a city full of young entrepreneurs. They know that if they take a risk to create something new that will improve their community, the locals will do their part to make it happen. It’s this culture and support that encouraged me to take a chance in creating this business. 

It’s A Safe Haven for Creatives

Fort Collins Colorado Makerspace 1
Makerspace in Fort Collins, CO

Like so many, I was raised to live a practical and linear lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with that and for many it is exactly the way they naturally operate. It took me years to realize that I was a creative personality who needed to find a creative outlet to stay mentally and socially healthy in order to operate at my best.

Fort Collins, in many ways, is a safe haven for creative minds like myself.The lack of pressure so many cities exert to conform to a one-size-fits-all fashion, lifestyle, or housing choice enables the creative personalities to thrive here. That’s why you’ll find a variety of local makerspaces and workshops here where creatives meet to brainstorm and build up creative professions. 

Adventure is Always Accessible

Rock Climbing Fort Collins, CO

In the back of my SUV this very moment there is a bin which includes my climbing harness and hiking gear. Once the warmer weather arrives, there will be a second bin with my fishing gear, inflatable kayak,  and waders. If you invite me to meet you at any one of our many local breweries, there is a very high probability that I’ll show up on my bike. I taught my toddler son how to tie a figure-eight knot and scale a 30-foot rock face before I taught him to ride without his training wheels. 

This lifestyle is completely normal in Fort Collins — even encouraged. Living with the expectation that something fun and adventurous will happen today is what keeps the locals young, active, and friendly. 

Enjoy a Taste of Fort Collins, CO

If you’re looking to experience a taste of Fort Collins yourself, hop on over to my shop and take your pick of locally-inspired, custom gifts. Check out some gold and blue studs inspired by the icy blues of the frozen Poudre River. Select a cutting board engraved with our favorite local landmark, Horsetooth Rock. Charcuterie and beer are huge here so for a true Fort Collins experience, go reserve a modern charcuterie board made from locally-sourced American walnut and a brass handle made by local artisans. Have a question about a product? Contact me today!

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